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Casino Royale Poker Scene

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Casino Royale Poker Scene

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Text Comments (150)
Antonio Atienza III (2 days ago)
the savage of gamblers
clubcardpoints (4 days ago)
"And my car". Could have been a Volvo, Bond - wise up before calling
jz Gurung (4 days ago)
What drink he asked?
Love More Money (5 days ago)
I win the casino royal 2.5M
Dingo Egret (5 days ago)
haha look at these smug westerners teaming up to rekt the arab lol wtf
SnowToad (7 days ago)
How to play poker like James Bond 101: be a luckbox and cooler your opponent.
saladdogger (7 days ago)
Wow what a girl. The dress the hair the smile and the walk - awesome.
Unorthodox (8 days ago)
Damn.. that chump was drawing dead on the flop the entire time.. 🤣 Oh Bond, you cold son of a bitch!
Burton (10 days ago)
Bets 5k on the turn, bets 500k+ on the river...
Musicfan23 (13 days ago)
And he banged his bitch. James Bond is a God.
brian self (1 month ago)
I'd sell children into kid sized coal factory for a chance to be with that beautiful woman
Anthony Niroshan (1 month ago)
The very 1st time I saw 007 turnover the double aces, the word that instantly came out of my mouth was, Smoked!!!
Alastair Bowyer (1 month ago)
I like how he got the idea to use vesper as a distraction from this guy's lady
fishcity 859 (1 month ago)
Should've got it all in pre LMAO
Sad hoe (1 month ago)
I took her too my penthouse n i freaked it
Quân Đặng (1 month ago)
[noob question] I'm new to poker, but at 1:47 how can Bond check after Dimitri has bet?
don't wantto (9 days ago)
So Dimitri bet on the turn and bond called, than on the river Bond had action first and checked than Dimitri went all in and Bond called.
JohnRamirez007 (2 months ago)
Bond: "What about a drink at my place?" Babe: "your place? Is it close?" She asks is it close.... BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA BAG 'EM N TAG 'EM!!
Yawg moth (2 months ago)
Awful outfit. It makes her boobs look triangular from the side. From the front it looks saggy.
Hakan (2 months ago)
Where can i find those Chips? I want them so badly...!!!
罗逍然 (2 months ago)
add on the car is absolutely not necessary. with or with out the car, who is going to call you unless it's aces on this board?
Robert Kite (2 months ago)
Trip aces?
Rajath Hegde (2 months ago)
Bond slow plays Aces and traps him.The donk bets the turn instead of checking back. Smh🤦Slow rolls and later gets the Money,Car and the girl...Damn you Mr.Bond!
kh40yr (2 months ago)
So,,James Bond really does have two DB5's. Hmm. One company car,,and the payout car.
samuel wrong (2 months ago)
Rip car
Dragon RA - Open (2 months ago)
I like woman :D
Arnel Sangalang (2 months ago)
Took his car and his girl..
MrBalrog64 (2 months ago)
That villian got what he deserved when he dissed that hot piece of ass.
なおとろ (3 months ago)
He is a gambler holic!
iam910 (3 months ago)
What model car is that at 3:19?
iam910 (2 months ago)
Benjamin Sthav Thanks man, I should've known it was an Aston Martin haha
Davy Santos (2 months ago)
Jakob Kahn (3 months ago)
was there no flush on the board ?
James Young (3 months ago)
shes probrably one of the most gorgeous women ive ever seen.
brian self (1 month ago)
I agree
Daniel Lim (3 months ago)
Just had a what?
0 (3 months ago)
Can anyone tell about best poker and gambler book names?
WesIsaLeo (3 months ago)
Betting like that w/ three of a kind. Sure...I won 14 million w/ a three of clubs once. Had the high card.
Byron Gordon (3 months ago)
there's never any suspense when you know Bond always wins
Badaboop Badabeep (3 months ago)
The fuck, all my life I've never understood why almost all guys like women who look like her. She just looks unnatural. Don't you guys like the simple plain girl with natural beauty even without makeup or a fancy dress and a little but of chubbiness, on the cheeks and legs.
sgtforge21 (3 months ago)
Jame Jameson (3 months ago)
Imagine if they sent luke schwartz in instead
Karl Marx (3 months ago)
plentyofouts (3 months ago)
We didn’t see the preflop action. If he was the aggressor and Bond just flatted with aces, which I can imagine is what happened, then his two barrelling makes some sense. His perceived range is stronger than Bond’s. He can get non ace hands and weak kicker ace hands to possibly fold. Although check calling with kings there would be more typical. The fact his aggression got him to the river and hit one of the miracle kings meant he could bet huge. Without the King I imagine he would have given up and checked back. I’m assuming he wasn’t gonna make a massive bet if the river was a blank.
Horkslair (3 months ago)
Top set on the flop, no flushes possible. Possible bottom straight draw. Turn gives a 7, and more straight draw possibilities. River drops a king, and Bond knows he has the absolute best possible hand with that board. I would have liked to see how the betting went all the way through this hand. Pair of cowboys is hella strong, and Bond could just call to slow play it and see who is going to dig their own grave, and Demetrios is already shoveling. The river king is a nightmare for him, but he has too much invested, and is too short stacked to give it up. After the flop, Bond has got an amazing hand, and it gets a wee bit weaker at the turn (creating more possible straight draws), but it's a stone cold winner after the river drops.
M B (3 months ago)
I took yo money, yo car fucked yo bitch and killed yo ass...damn...james bond villains be taking a bunch of L's
THESSALONIAN31N (3 months ago)
Brian Chen (3 months ago)
this is how you get a Austin Martin
crimdell (4 months ago)
No casino would keep a sarcastic, snooty dealer like this one. She might just as well have said, "Table stakes, idiot."
john tucker (4 months ago)
why bother wearing that dress...
Marty Mcmarty (4 months ago)
Juanda had trips
Don Draper (4 months ago)
They both had sets. No "trips."
Louis E (1 month ago)
Don Draper yeah that’s true. At a high level game like this, you’d expect a dealer who uses the precise terminology. Realistically, a good professional dealer would likely avoid slang like “trips” or “set” and call it “three of a kind” which is what both hands are, regardless of the configuration (2 on the board for trips vs pocket pair for a set). You are right to criticize the video however, because the way one plays a set is completely different, and generally speaking, a set is a much more valuable hand, as it is far more difficult for other players to recognize.
Don Draper (1 month ago)
Louis E Most professional dealers will differentiate the two.
Louis E (3 months ago)
Kind of nitpicking. Unless you're a professional, or you follow pro games, most people call 3 of a kind "trips", even if it is by definition a set (pair as the hand, third on the board).
Unorthodox (4 months ago)
Don Draper, lol. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who caught that.
Amazing (4 months ago)
Classic ending, he gets the money the good car and the sexy lady
traveller4life123 (4 months ago)
Would a casino let you bet a car? It can’t be included in the rake.
Mitjitsu (2 months ago)
Tournament poker has strict rules. However, cash games especially the high stakes tend to be much more lax, as long as other players at the table agree to it.
tarbosh917 (4 months ago)
Aren't rakes usually capped? I figure they'd have hit it this hand. Plus, considering it's a high stakes game I'm sure that they'd let some things fly if it made their players happy.
oboy inflrida (4 months ago)
Probably one of the best Bond performance by any of the Bond actors in a debut. I don't believe Craig Daniels will ever deliver such a fantastic performance in any of his Bond movies; present or future...
Imaad Shahrukh (4 months ago)
oboy inflrida *Daniel Craig
Brian Faltar (4 months ago)
But what did Juanda have?
Mark Wills (4 months ago)
Brian Faltar trips
john doe (4 months ago)
that's a high stakes dealer..who the fuk hired her bitch ass
al'ar (4 months ago)
What did he say as he left the bar ?
Don Draper (4 months ago)
"Guten Abend." German greeting for "good evening."
Marty Mcmarty (4 months ago)
A couple of points here. 1: Bond joined the table with a tiny stack and after maybe 1 to 2 hours he has the biggest stack 2: dimirios had a pair ok Kings and there was an ace on the board. 3.5:he could have been fishing for information by playing it like he had an ace. 4 bond played the set of aces so well
Marty Mcmarty (2 months ago)
Mitjitsu I know that di iris’s is a bad player all I’m saying is that bond used that to his advantage and got as much as he could
Mitjitsu (2 months ago)
Bond didn't play the hand well. The hand developed in a way which made him look like a genius. If I knew what the other guy had and how the board would develop, then I would just check/call all the way to the river. Knowing full well my opponent will stack off every time. Otherwise Bond is not getting long term value out of his hand, and will often be on the losing side when the pot gets big. The movie makes it clear Dimirios is a bad player and a reckless gambler. When Bond said "please, give him a chance to win his money back". The only reason to take Dimirios up on his offer is if he's holding the nuts.
0:16 "Sir, pack your bag please."
what the episode 007 ??
Advocate92 (4 months ago)
Hahaha so cringe. The blinds are 500/1k and it was a 5k bet on the turn which means they both limped in and checked the flop. How the hell wasnt it all in pre or a raise? Fuck the director of the movie has no clue
tarbosh917 (4 months ago)
It's almost like they designed the poker scenes to emulate cliche hands rather than bore their target viewers, who may know shit about poker, about the nuance of poker strategy. In their defense, they did do a good job of making sure none of the draws got there which would make the dude's shove much worse. He's literally only losing to AA. That could've been an accident, but maybe someone clued them in on that.
Patrick Trinh (4 months ago)
James with the absolute STONES
samxyx (4 months ago)
That was some pretty poor poker on that on one guys part
Angel Rivera (4 months ago)
How does he have the keys and the valet ticket? ._.
MystiCalBEING89 (4 months ago)
he didnt have the keys it was just a keyring of his car no keys were on it
hellowutlol (4 months ago)
*2:39** trip aces? That's set aces*
Sam Owen (3 months ago)
Ya the dealer in this scene always pissed me off
goldenhawk952 (4 months ago)
soon as I saw the trip kings I knew he had aces
Dan Saw (2 months ago)
I think we all did. Well all of us actual poker players at least.
andreagiuseppe (4 months ago)
"Give him a chance to win his money back" procedes to have the nuts 😂😂
Mitjitsu (2 months ago)
The only reason to allow someone to bet more than their stack is because you have the nuts. If Bond had a set of 9's I doubt he be so willing to take up the offer.
vin 950 (4 months ago)
Damn that girl is gorgeous. Who is she?
Unorthodox (4 months ago)
Indian pornstar
vin 950 Caterina Murino)
Adas Tenkie (4 months ago)
Damn, take his money, his car and his girl.
Ankur Baruah (4 months ago)
That woman though.. Holy shit
Bowens92 (13 days ago)
Ankur Baruah what if she was your teacher? I'm bored reply
David Whiskey (5 months ago)
Cleans out his chips... Wins his car.... and then fuc*s his wife..... This is why James Bond is my hero.
Aaron Kenyon (22 days ago)
+brian self He just let good pussy go to waste, didn't he?
brian self (1 month ago)
yet he didn't fuck her in the movie, left then she died..shame
Mushroom Head (5 months ago)
typical pokerstars
rascally rabbit (4 months ago)
Mushroom Head whenever you bet big pokerstars will always have runner runner to beat you
christopher garrison (5 months ago)
String bet
adica (5 months ago)
Takes your money.. takes your car.. fucks your woman.. yeah, Bond..
Chris Quirk (5 months ago)
any respectable dealer knows thats a set of aces.. not trip aces...
ANIMAZISM (5 months ago)
Said before i opened reply someone has said juanda
Richmond Daque (5 months ago)
Chris Quirk juanda had trips tho
Xavier Eyadan (5 months ago)
And that’s how it is done.😊
Jacob Ramirez (5 months ago)
Bond sure aced Dimitrios
Brian Noland (4 months ago)
GloriousTapeworm (5 months ago)
so he took all of his money, his car and fucked his wife that's so fucking savage I can't even comprehend it xD
Paulie Walnuts (5 months ago)
hahaha ya i live real close.......he does a loop on the driveway..... welcome to my home lol
crimdell (4 months ago)
Thanks for explaining it to us.
Captain Macmillan (5 months ago)
If i knew i won a db5 in a poker game. I’d be doing cartwheels for joy
Cody Munday (5 months ago)
Nature's Wonders can be Magnificent...
RazaGaming-Destiny (5 months ago)
James Bond is ruthless. Took the mans money, car or even his woman
Call me ßishøp (26 days ago)
And the valet ticket
vinny matharu (1 month ago)
Took his life as well.
jwiese100 (2 months ago)
And he even took his life later that night
MRT (3 months ago)
Ryan Brewster (3 months ago)
she ended up dying so that went well
beng1603 (5 months ago)
Even when he’s on a mission, Bond sure knows how to have a good holiday!
MillerCrosses (3 months ago)
beng1603 he is actually supposed to be on holiday in this scene.
Graham Allen (5 months ago)
Her pretty face at my place...we can add one more ..to the human race..😂
jonny bandana (5 months ago)
cooler master on duty
Lenny Pepperidge (5 months ago)
fuck the car...I want his wife
Sensimuse (6 months ago)
"Oh, and the valet ticket?" James Bond is a straight savage
Kyle Price (6 months ago)
What a slow roll
StevieSparkZ (6 months ago)
Why do you keep betting with KK with an ace on the board? This is what you get!
Strela (8 days ago)
I won a bet by betting there's at least one guy like you who gonna try to "fix" the scene
razynoir (1 month ago)
With all the small cards on the board, someone with a pair of kings may bet on the turn to test if their opponent has aces. James tagged along after the turn bet and that should have raised a red flag. But our big boy just wants his chance of getting money back lol
Justin qwerty (3 months ago)
Considering the pot already was quite big 5k is nothing to see where your at. If bond raises you can fold. Bad luck he gets a king on the river. He could check back in case he is getting trapped by trip aces.
ggaccentc (3 months ago)
kevin chen before the River any Ace wins that's his pt. Only an idiot would keep betting with the Ace out there.
plentyofouts (4 months ago)
He was betting the turn as a bluff, representing a strong ace or better. I'm guessing he was the pre flop aggressor and was only called by Bond pre flop. In which case his second barrel bet is justified. Had he not hit the king on the river he likely would have given up or possibly three barrelled the river again as a bluff hoping for a weak ace or stubborn second pair to fold. Unfortunately he hit an unexpected backdoor gin card on the river which nine times out of ten would have beaten an opponents holding, and if the opponent happened to be strong the whole way (say with a lesser set) his massive bet on the river could be perceived as a bluff or perhaps AK which rivered top two pair and still be called by a lesser set. Top set vs second top set on an otherwise uncoordinated board however is just a massive cooler that any player could go broke on. We didn't see the pre flop action and im guessing that the fact all the money didnt go in pre flop (which it usually would do with AA vs KK) that one of the two slow played their hand pre flop. Which in and of itself is nearly always sub optimal unless the stack sizes are very deep (say 200 big blinds or more). All of this said, this is a poker scene in a movie, and we only ever see the winner simply peddling the nuts. If he was a great poker player we should see him bluffing opponents off of better hands but predictably we just see Hollywood hands where he always has the best possible hand against an opponents second best possible hand which takes little to no skill to get paid off with. In addition, Bond actually slow rolled this poor fucker! Any professional poker player in this situation would immediately announce they have the nuts before they turn their cards over out of courtesy. Especially when they added their DB5 Aston Martin to the pot as a sweetner!
Charles Ferdinand (6 months ago)
Random Bond Girl: "Ok one drink..." Bond: "Sure one drink... Then I'll fuck your brains out"
Evan Monroe (7 months ago)
Casino Royale poker Scene. That's like saying Ratatouille food scene.
or rambo's trowing bullets scene
michaela luna (3 months ago)
Arachnophobia spider scene
Diego Calderon (5 months ago)
Titanic ship scene
Owain Newton (6 months ago)
Or Terminator Arnold scene
THESSALONIAN31N (7 months ago)
hahahahaha Thanx for watching.
Colombus ohıo (7 months ago)
James Bond always wins
ACT1O1 (6 days ago)
In real life he would have already died

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